Emily Jonathan - Age 24

Those who know me well describe me as a free spirit, a whimsical bonne vivante with an inspiring lust for life and an endless curiosity about the world around me. Though I’ve traveled extensively and had numerous story-worthy experiences, I still have an insatiable appetite for adventure of all kinds. I revel in the thrill of the unexpected—the electric jolt when our eyes meet across the restaurant table covered in exotic delicacies, the feel of your hand sliding down my lower back as we explore the city together, the passionate kiss we steal in an empty corner of the art museum. I relish my life in the demi-monde: I find great pleasure in being your muse, taking you by the hand and leading you into my sublime realm of hedonism and sensuality. Let me create an oasis for us, a dreamy hideaway where your troubles are left at the door, your instincts will be your guide, and your wildest dreams will come true... In short, our tryst will be a blissful escape from the usual rhythms of daily life. Here’s what you can expect from our time together: * Engaging, attentive, empathic, companionship * A non-judgmental atmosphere where you’re free to be yourself and explore your innermost desires * Delicious memories that will linger long after our rendezvous has come to an end
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    Name Emily Jonathan
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    Age 24