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Delhi Escorts girls and, in general, the issue of prostitution, has been one of the most discussed during the hundred years of film history. Many films have shown the details of this profession in one way or another, also covering the different film genres. Therefore, we will do a review of the most important films covering this referred to as the world’s oldest profession.

Movie I Puta

Today and for many years now, Female Escorts Delhi sex in movies is hardly taboo. In fact, there are few films that turn the frame around. How could it be otherwise, there are many movies with escorts covering, in one way or another, the issue of prostitution? Comedies, dramas, adult film … In short, Delhi Escorts works that have made ​​us fantasize on more than one occasion and have become classics and now from Air Hostess Escorts Delhi Agency share with you.

Prostitution in the classic film

Cartel Belle de Jour

We can make the mistake of thinking that in the decades of 40, 50 and 60 films were made with  Escorts in Delhi or sex in the cinema was an almost taboo subject.

Nothing is further from reality and that sensuality is present in many of these Girl Escorts Delhi works. ‘Belle de Jour’, a film by the Spanish Luis Bunuel starring the beautiful Catherine Deneuve is one of the best examples but can go back much further back.

‘Nights of Cabiria’ by Call girls in Delhi, tells the touching story of the poor and touching Cabiria, starring Giulietta Masina, in search of true love.


Great comedies on prostitution

College Girls Escorts in Delhi have also emerged as protagonists in many comedy movies. And the sex in the film is present in all genres. One of the most important is ‘Mighty Aphrodite’, Woody Allen film in which Mira Sorvino is captivating with its riot of sensuality.

But Celebrity Escorts in Delhi undoubtedly, if a comedy about prostitution is present in the minds of all; it is ‘Pretty Woman’, starring a very young and very attractive attractive Roberts.



Other movies with essential escorts

How can we forget that even minor Jodie Foster embodying the role of prostitute in ‘Taxi Driver’ by Robert de Niro or pose femme fatale with its spectacular white dress Kim Basinger in ‘LA Confidential’.


Elisabeth Shue in Leaving Las Vegas

You remember Elisabeth Shue in ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ and Melanie Griffith in ‘Body Double’ up the beats of more than a movie buff.

And we cannot forget the Spanish cinema. ‘Yo, bitch’, starring Denise Richards or ‘Princess’ with Candela Peña and Micaela Narvárez did actually the wettest dreams of more than one movie that despite its dramatic tone, were a success.

And you, what other film starring escorts recommend?


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